4 Style Tips Beyond Thirty

whatshewore1There are so many articles written about looking good beyond 40 as if at this magic age we turn into pumpkins who have suddenly forgotten how to shop and dress well. I don’t think there is any difference between 40 or 50 or indeed 60 when it comes to our appearance.

I think the main issue arises when we are no longer single carefree child free 20-30 some things. Our figures have changed either from having children or from the natural rhythm of weight gain and weight loss that many women go through in a western lifestyle.  Sometimes illness and/or surgery can also cause changes in our body shapes. Possibly, we have changed job and lifestyle from the life we led between 18 and 30 and that combined with the change of body means the ability to just sling something on and scrape our hair back and look good is gone….

When we no longer have natural slimness and youth to rely on when dressing, then we need to put a little more effort into what we are doing. I believe that there are only 4 steps we need to take to look effortlessly stylist and elegant in the middle years i.e. between 30 and 60.

These are:

  • Invest in Modern Shapes.

This autumn/winter that could be a sleeveless waistcoat, a furry gilet, a floppy hat or a blanket wrap. This isn’t about slavishly following fashion trends but rather having an understanding of what is currently on the market and choosing a handful of items to combine with your current wardrobe.  This keeps your look modern without looking like a fashion victim. Provided the items you chose are the right colour and style for your colouring, body shape and natural style they won’t be just one season wonders but will work for seasons to come . This one is critically important and is the one that is probably most overlooked by women when considering how to go about dressing well.


  • Have a well-maintained haircut and colour and always wear make up (when out in public)

This doesn’t have to mean an expensive salon cut and colour it means have a style that suits you and your lifestyle but have a style. As we get into our 30’s and beyond, long hair pulled back with a clip or bobble just doesn’t work any more. Colouring hair either to hide grey or to lift the natural colour is an intensely personal decision. In my empirical experience, hair tends to look best if it is left au natural as it works best with eye colour and skin tone especially when cut into a modern and flattering style. However, if you do chose to colour your hair then go a couple of shades lighter than your natural colour and highlights are much easier to maintain than one block colour.

Make up undeniably makes your face look better.. I wish it wasn’t true but it is! Wear it whenever you are going out in public…the older you are the more important it is! Having your nails (and toenails in summer) painted also helps present a more polished (excuse the pun) and stylish look. Shellac/Gellish etc last for 2 weeks and if you can get a mobile beautician it can be done very inexpensively at home.


  • Always wear accessories

Often women say they don’t have time to add accessories to an outfit but it makes or breaks an outfit. Build it into your morning routine so that it becomes a habit like brushing your teeth or putting your make up on. Have your necklaces, bracelets, scarves, bags, hats and belts etc. all to hand so that once you have got your clothes on you can play around with a few items until you are happy with the finished result. A full length mirror close by is also essential. One of my bugbears about hotel rooms is how often there isn’t a full length mirror… how can you check if you look nice if you can’t see yourself from top to bottom?!


  • Build up a collection of classic, timeless pieces

This includes items like a leather biker jacket, converse, mac or trench coat, heeled ankle boots and/or flat biker boots, cashmere jumpers and cardies, a wool coat, shortish denim jacket in a dark wash and metallic high heels amongst many others. These combined with the accessories and the modern shapes will keep your look stylish, elegant, modern and effortless, especially when worn on a body with an attractive hairstyle and make up. They will work year round and for years to come. The cost per wear will be low even if you spend a fair amount on these items as you will wear them time and time again.


The above 4 pointers are obviously just my opinions but I am asked time and time again by clients  “How do I begin to look good?” and after working with dozens of clients I can definitely conclude that these are the 4 things you need to do and they are the 4 things that I attempt to do on a daily basis (I must confess the makeup doesn’t always get put on for the school run though).


Follow up

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