“You never get a SECOND chance to make a FIRST impression”

Image, Colour & Style Consultant Thomasin Newton, based in Essex, will support you throughout your entire style journey.

Why should you use an image consultant?

We all want to look and feel attractive; the right clothing can make you feel wonderful which will shine through your demeanor, stance and personality. The wrong clothing can leave you uncomfortable and comes across to others.

Not only will we make sure your clothing sits well and looks great but we will also streamline your wardrobe and facilitate purchasing key items to mix and match with your revived wardrobe. 
The end result is a confident and stylish looking you, who understands your coloring, body shape, natural style and lifestyle. From this you will be able to chose the clothing that best suits you to look your personal best at all times.

So why can’t I just do this myself?

We have years of experience and know what colours and styles will not only suit you this season, but timelessly. It is almost impossible to objectively decide what looks good on you as your opinions will be swayed by memories, clothing you like on others and your own other various limitations.

It’s an undeniable fact, no matter what your walk of life and whatever you are doing, your outfit represents you and will naturally influence others perception of you. By using an image and style consultant you can be sure that you will look your best at all times by understanding what colours and styles suit you and work with your body and not against it.

It’s not just style… it’s a new way of living.